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How Different Religions Around The World Define Modesty

Women all over the world choose modesty. I spent the last few weeks asking women of all different faiths the following question: "How do you define modesty in your religion?" Today you're going to read 22 responses that I gathered from women that belong to the following religions: Mormonism, Christianity, Mennonite, Islam, Hinduism and Orthodox Judaism. Everyone defines modesty differently. I believe modesty is an attitude, a way of thinking. It’s showing your body respect. I don’t think mode

Feast on Friday: Meg's Summer Spaghetti and Time to Loosin' Up ~ Welcome Heart

Sharing my table (and beach towel) today with my friend Meg and I can’t wait to try her Summer Spaghetti recipe. Looks like it will feed a small tribe and looks good for hot weather! Thank you, Meg! We turned onto the gravel road just before the GPS threatened to retire. Trees, wind, and a dog barking in background welcomed us to our summer vacation spot. “Timbuktu” as mom says. Phone signals went on hiatus, and for that week – the world moved slow. Waking up early one morning, I grabbed my pen

An Interview with Author M.E. Weyerbacher

My bloggy friend Meghan wrote a book! I got a chance to read Organic Love and cannot recommend to you enough. It is a beautiful and compelling clean romance. And even though it’s set in 2018, it feels like a throwback to a simpler, sweeter time. I am so excited to get to introduce her and her work to you! You can purchase her book on Amazon here (if you purchase this or anything else from my link I’ll get a few pennies to help offset the cost of this site at no extra cost to you) and follow her

The Adventures of Walking with God in Hard Times

Welcome to Day 5 of our #GodlyAdventure. Are you in a difficult part of your journey? Meghan Weyerbacher is sharing some encouragement for you when you’re walking with God in hard times. The hot metal clangs against the side of the dock as we tie off the boat, making sure it’ll stay put. The family goes back to the lake house to wash up and wind down, because as much as being in the water is relaxing—it’s draining, being in the sun for hours. Everyone goes back. Everyone that is—except for mys

Interview with Author Meghan Weyerbacher: Plus Book Review & Tune in Thursday # 82

Today, I want to share with you about a wonderful new fiction book that just debuted last Thursday and share a fun interview with author M. E. Weyerbacher (Meghan). I am one of Meghan’s launch team members so I got early access to read her manuscript. I was just about finished, the day the book released and I can tell you this: It was hard to put down. I wanted to keep reading and not do my work. I wanted to keep reading and not go to sleep. I wanted to see how it ends, I was almost there, but n

Embrace Who God Says You Are

I’m delighted to bring my friend Meghan’s encouraging words to you today. Sit back friend and let her words wash over you. If you were to ask me who I’d want to meet in Heaven (after Jesus) – I’d tell you David. Out of all the available brothers, God chose this humble shepherd boy to be king. (see 1 Sam. 16) Besides the fact that this story is amazingly prophetic to the lowly entrance of our Savior, there are other reasons I am drawn to the wise and poetic, strong stone-slinger. You see, befor

How to Overcome Doubt that Threatens a God-given Dream

Do you carry the torch of diligence to obey a God-given dream, but then doubt feeds your need to control its outcome? Here’s some encouragement from Blogger Voices Network Contributor Meghan Weyerbacher on how to delete that doubt. And bloggers, please linkup a post with your wonderful words at the end! When I first began blogging full time, the zeal of walking in obedience to a God-given dream took me by storm. I dove headfirst and rarely came up for air. My focus began to look a whole lot lik

Mom Win Wednesday: Meghan Weyerbacher

Just this school year we transitioned from home school to public school. It was a big thing for me to learn to let go in this area where for so long I had “control.” We heard God lead us this way, and it took about a year before the door actually opened and we walked through. But doing it afraid has showed us how awesome God’s plans can be. He has showed up in every detail, and through this experience our faith has shot through the roof. Even the kids see God working in it all, which is louder t

MeghanWeyerbacher Reading Journey

Welcome back to the #LMMLinkup. We are so honored to have a guest poster this week: Megan Weyebacher. I hope you enjoy her post that shares her personal reading journey. Over the last year, memories buried as deep as the Titanic surfaced to my frontal lobe and I wondered why. The memories were of me when I was a child, in elementary school. I remember living in such a small town that I could walk its distance in just a short time. One place I frequented was our town’s small library. The memory

Begin Again: When Two Hearts Finally Become One by Meg Weyerbacher

The water trickled down his face and the suds washed away. I pulled the plug and wrapped my one year old bundle of joy boy up in a warm snuggly towel and carried him downstairs. Leaning my back up against the wall, I sat in his room and watched him play choo-choo trains. We were buds him and I. He was an answer to prayer. A prayer uttered many times over, even when God wasn’t the first One I was seeking. Marrying doesn’t necessarily heal lonely heart issues, and in my own marriage we had a lot

Chasing Perfect {Why Bother With Church?}

Hey folks, will you please join me in welcoming Meg to the blog today? Though I haven’t known Meg for long I have fallen in love with her passion for Christ and His Church. I have been inspire more than once by her ability to see the many facets of the Church; which is why I have asked her to helps us answer the question why bother with church? Today she shares the journey Jesus took her on to fall in love with His people. Once your done reading, please be sure to let her know how her story has

God Knows Who You Are Even If You Don’t

Today, I have my friend Meg joining this month’s series on “I’m the problem in my growth as a Christian.” I enjoy Meg’s writing, she’s down-to-earth and honest. Aren’t we all looking for others that can just be real? I hope you enjoy her post! Head over to her site and check out it out! God Knows Who You Are Even If You Don’t I was a young child, dreaming big and believing the sky was the limit. There was a whole life ahead of me and my heart was filled with boatloads of ideas and inspiration